Hypocrisy is defined as “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, ect., that one does not possess. ” Judge is defined as “to form a judgment or opinion of; decide upon critically.”

Hypocrites can give such a tainted twisted view of Christians and their beliefs. You have the radicals, who picket at soldiers funerals. Or you just have the Saturday Sinner / Sunday Saint type of person.  One of the reasons why I stay away from churches.

The radicals remind me of child looking for attention and thinking only of themselves. Though they give Christians a bad rap, I push them to the side. I think people need to treat them as a child throwing a temper tantrum….ignore them until they completely stop…..Really, if you are going to throw a fit over “gays”, then you need to include me, who lives with my boyfriend unmarried,  or for the ex husband addicted to pornography. Isn’t it all the same…..

The other hypocrites, those Saturday Sinners / Sunday Saints, the ones who live inside their bubbles, yelling about ways they have helped, yapping about those who do not live up to their standards and constantly judging the less yoked, are the ones that truly push my buttons the most. I am not sure how they proclaim they are Christians, telling of the ways they help others, yet will talk negatively about someone or can judge a person based on their spiritually and even look down on someone because they are poor, or a single parent or addicted drugs, alcohol or sex. Isn’t it our responsibility as people and Christians to look past all the perceived wrongs and just extend a hand to help?  Isn’t it our responsibility to find ways to extend that hand to help someone in need regardless of their situation?

I too am a fault for judging others, for I judge the hypocrites. I also judge people based on what I would do, not as they have done. It would also seem that I judge myself through their eyes as well…..