I can be a hard headed person,well actually I am noted for being a hard head person and stubborn as the day is long. It has also been said that talking to me is like talking to the wall!  Clearly God is quite aware of my less attractive personality traits. I am never surprised at how God answers prayers and how he all but slaps you when you aren’t listening. Let’s be honest, I know there are times I need a good smack on the head!

Daily I read devotions, 3 of them: God Calling, Jesus Calling and the Confident Woman. There are days when it seem it seems those devotions speak right to me. Lately, even more so…

Over and over I get “Trust in Me”, “Trust Me wholly”, Trust that God is with you, know that step by step He is with you, no need not to worry about tomorrow and know you constantly need Me.” I have faith that God is with me daily and despite the ups and downs, things will work out fine. Lately at work I just feel at the end of my rope. I feel though Christian, people can act unethically at times in heat of anger or misfortune. It is quite easy to point fingers and place blame. It has been more harsh lately than ever, and when I felt the need to tell people where they could go and carry my happy angry self home, I was reminded through out the day, amid negative bashing, like a voice inside saying “Trust in Me” & “Trust that God is with you step by step”.

Honestly, I was still kind of heated on my way to work this am, when through my devotions I read, “You MUST trust in Me wholly, and know that God is with you always.” Then I was reminded of  “If someone slaps you on your cheek, turn to offer him the other cheek.  “Matt 5:39: But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”  So this am I finally conceded….turning my other cheek to offer.

Last night I felt good believing that God knows the truth. Yet this am I still feel saddened that the truth is skewed in the eyes of the beholder. Also saddened that my own view of people have changed as well.

I feel like I am now flying “blind”, but not in the dark…..