I am one who has a hard time letting someone else be boss or in control. Quite frankly I do not want to be bossed around, nor do I like having a boss……

I find it ironic that I pray for focus and direction with regards to my career yet I take fearful steps and wonder what His plans are for me and I can’t seem to let Him take control. Always wondering, worrying about what tomorrow will bring….Yes, doubts have begun to plague my mind about my career choice…accounting.

Obviously He knows my fears and my personality. …
2/25 “Walk purposefully with Me, letting Me direct your course one step at a time. ”
2/26 “I am leading you, step by step, through your life….Your future looks uncertain and feels flimsy-even precarious. …When you try to figure out the future, you are grasping at things that are Mine. This, like all forms of worry, is an act of rebellion: doubting.”
2/27 “Keep your eyes on me! Waves of adversity are washing over you, and you feel tempted to give up….Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. ”

Clearly He is in control and I need to let Him take charge….