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Writing out my dream, my vision, that I will start to circle it in prayer….

My vision, to operate a business, employee people who need the work and to allow either kids onsite or to allow them to work from home. Lately, my vision is becoming stronger. Visualizing ways to help the single moms, or struggling families by offering a job allowing them to work some in the office and also work remotely.

I begin by working from home. Work enough to add an office. Well lets be real, a few rooms added and one of those being an office. I will reach a point that an employee will be needed, probably part time at first. But it will grow. Grow to the point I where I have to get an office off-site or perhaps I build the needed garage and build an office above that. I actually like that better. Would not require monthly rent! Employees could bring kids and they would have a place as well.

My clients, new small business, non-profits, and perhaps households. I would also provide free services to some.  Free services to small business just starting up or free services to help maintain their books….

Interesting, a Pro Bono Bookkeeper, now that would be sell-able…..

Office Over a garage
3-4 Employees
Clientele list which services small business, households, non-profits, maybe even a mid-size business.

for a house in the mountains where it can be rented to people based on what they can afford.
for a house at the beach to where it can be rented to people based on what they can afford.