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Back in October 2010, I completed all necessary classes to obtain my BS in Accounting. Went through all the paper work just to be told I had to wait until I completed all the necessary classes to obtain my BS in Business Administration. Though I have to wait until July/Aug to get both diploma’s…I was still excited to have completed a goal.

So, the other day I was looking around at Liberty’s graduation list and found my brothers name on the 2011 Graduation list, so I decided to have a look at Liberty’s 2012 Graduation list….I was on there, yup my full name, my BS in Accounting…Yes I know I was there, I knew I had achieved it, but when I saw my name on the Graduation List, I will say I was a bit excited. It honestly felt real at that moment…Not sure how I will react when I get the diploma…!! Though I sure it will involve a huge thanks to God and tears….

Its funny, in 1988 I went to college for, oh about 3 month, and was suspended for my grades. I thought I wanted to be a doctor, majoring in something that required Chemistry and Biology. Yeah…not a good way to start college and honestly I wanted no parts of school. I was completely done!  Move forward a few year and it’s funny how once you have kids, and well kind of grow up a little, taking college classes means something. I actually enjoyed and still enjoy taking classes. Completely opposite of me oh 24 yrs ago (wow that IS old)

I continue to pray and wonder about my direction. Not sure how all of this fits in God’s plan for me. Honestly, it seems I have more downs than ups and have been discouraged and even thought about changing my direction…Yet I pray, I ask, I seek and yes I question, and God continues to show me down this path…. Just another area of my life I have handed over to God, allowing him to be the driver….