Lately my son has been scared playing baseball. When he gets up to bat, he will step out of the batter’s box once the pitcher throws the ball. He has been hit numerous times and now the fear is a constant in his mind and it seemed to be weighing heavily on him. No matter what was said, it didn’t matter, all he could envision was being hit by the pitch again and again.

I wonder how many times we have been scared…scared to do something, scared to try something…scared to take that leap….that leap of faith. Like me talking to my son, trying to coach him and ease his fears, God is there doing the same thing, whisper “Its ok! You can do this!” How many times have we allowed the fear, that emotion to drown out God’s coaching voice?

Sometimes in the midst of your fear you have to pause, take a deep breath, ignore the emotion and focus on God!