Heard the song Silent Lucidity on my walk this evening, and made me think of God

“I will be watching over you, I am gonna help you see it though, I will protect you in the night, I am smiling next to you, In silent lucidity.”
“If you open your mind for me, You won’t rely on open eyes to see. The walls you built within Come tumbling down and a new world will begin.”

My walk in faith for the past few months has been difficult for me. It seems as if my faith is being tested and the devil is dancing on the side. Even though I feel as if I am hovering, there is something that seems to hold me to this side. I know He watches over us, I know He will see us through and I know he is protecting us in the night. …There is an unexplainable relief knowing He is smiling next to me…in Silent Lucidity…