Once in a while you learn something or you see something only to learn it is never what it seems. You can learn something new, something you never knew, and realize it’s the missing piece to a puzzle, that this one tid-bit of information makes sense, and suddenly it all comes together. You can also believe you have visually seen something, and its not so. A magic trick perhaps…. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves, our thoughts, we miss things and also assume. We are self-centered and not God-Centered.

Today, I truly thought my boss had eaten a foot long sub and was starting on the 2nd foot long. Visually I could have sworn that I had seen the last bits of the first foot long being eaten. After going back and forth with the CEO, he produced the 2nd foot long sub intake…Embarrassed, why yes, on a rare occasion, I stated that I was wrong. I truly believed that I had seen the 1st sub being eaten….So things are not always as they seem.

For the past few days I have gone back and forth with what I have seen, heard 1st hand and heard 2nd hand (so to speak). It has bothered me. Of course God has heard my critical, judgmental thoughts. This is another one of my weaknesses. So I have prayed for guidance and I have prayed not to be critical and judgmental. I realized that I expect too much out of people and as always I am too judgmental. With that kind of thought process, people are bound to constantly let you down.

God continues to work with this Hard headed and Faith wavering woman. Once again God spoke, God showed, and I listened…..Things are not always what they seem.