Why does money have to go to places outside of our community? Why do people choose to help places outside our city walls? Why do we wait for the volunteer center to approve us to come in and help? Why is it so easy for us to look at a neighborhood and say they don’t want the help? Or that subdivision is too unsafe and there is not point?

I will not lie, it is so easy to sit back and do nothing. It’s comfortable and it’s safe. Finding a center that serves others is a safe option as well. You pick the time, you pick what you want to do, you help out where it is comfortable and you pick the hours. Kind of interesting how YOU decide when and where to help and what YOU feel is comfortable….. time to get over yourself….

Look through your city, your neighborhood, behind stores, to really look at your community. Take off the blinders, take away the prejudices, take away the judgment and really look…In my city we have a few homeless communities, and we have a few rough neighborhoods. I have not seen the homeless communities and will honestly say that I haven’t really looked. I have noticed the bad neighborhoods but have done nothing….

How can you help your community? What can you do to make that house on the corner look better? How can you build a relationship with the homeless so you can help their needs? What hurdle do you need to get over to take that step towards making your city a better person?

All you can do is pray for guidance, build one relationship at a time and be consistent…. God will provide everything else…