The dictionary defines discourage “to deprive of courage or confidence. To hinder by disfavoring.”

A few months ago I questioned my decision on moving forward with accounting. Because of other people I questioned my skills and my ability to do bookkeeping and accounting…..In all honesty I cannot remember the exact words said, nor do I know what I did wrong. All I know is things were said, and parts of my job was taken away (accessed removed)…. To this day I honestly have no clue as to why…

At that point in time God had started to work on me. As I struggled with confidence, listening to self-doubt and worked with negative people, I decided to hand this over to God….Through the ups and downs during those last few weeks at that employer, God was with me, never waiver….

Despite being discouraged many times, there was determination….

God reminds me constantly of perseverance (determination or stubbornness). God knows I am determined and stubborn. God let my biggest weakness be my biggest strength. Good or bad, when it’s in my sights, there is nothing that gets in my way….

God continues to be with me as I struggle with my self-confidence, and with my faith and belief. Yet he amazes me, by showing me that one of my biggest weaknesses (stubbornness) can be a wonderful strength….