I hate to have those dreams that seem to involve the devil. Last night’s dream was no exception…but it also left me wondering why…..

The jest of my dream, the focus point….sitting and talking with the devil(a normal looking person). Yup sitting and talking and trying to deceive him. Found it interesting that I felt I was going to be the deceptive one, the one deceiving the devil….

Our talk went on for awhile and nothing I can even remember…I know midway in my dream I said the Lord’s Prayer at least 2 times…Every time I have ever dreamed of old satan, I wake up reciting the Lords prayer and praying to God. It is good to know that in my dreams I will still pray it, making sure God is there…

I generally do not take a lot of stock in dreams. I think dreams are the work of your minds imagination, living good and bad….fears and dreams….

So waking up to this one, I thought about it for a few hours. Depending on what my dream is about I will either think more, or pray that God makes me forget…

This one was different. This dream reminded me that the devil not only can the devil appear “normal” but that he is the great deceiver. He made Eve eat that Apple…..