It is so easy to judge, or point out the sins of others. Daily I struggle with judging people, but am learning daily to stop myself…..

A sin is a sin, and the only sin I could find to be the greatest….Denying Christ….It is clear, if you do not believe in Christ, you die. So why as a society are we so quick to judge people? Perhaps to take the focus off our own sins and shortcomings…..

The past few weeks Christians have talked about and blogged about why homosexuality is wrong. They have actually created long worded blogs about this subject. Personally I just don’t get it, but I guess everyone has a right to their own opinion. However here is a point for those to ponder…Homosexuality and Adultery….What is the difference?

It’s easy to sweep the porn addicted person under the rug…They are committing adultery, but that’s OK. … It’s easy to accept and sometimes forgive the spouse for cheating…They are committing adultery, but that’s OK. Divorce is on the rise…People remarry. They are committing adultery, but that’s OK.

For 9 years my ex-husband was addicted to pornography. For 9 years, he committed adultery every time he looked at pornography….

For 11 years, until I received my divorce, I lived with another man. It doesn’t matter that my ex wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. It doesn’t matter that in my mind my marriage had been long over…. Adultery…. Today, even though I have been legally divorced for 2 years and monogamous with the same man for almost 12 years, it’s still adultery….

So why is it ok for me to be a Youth Group Sponsor? Or be a girl scout leader? But a child’s homosexual father cannot lead a boy scout troop???

Adultery is one of the 10 commandments…..yet it’s OK…..