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This evening at youth group I took a test to determine my spiritual gifts…My top one, the highest scoring one, the one only a mere 4 points from being 100%…Faith! I am like the song sung by Carrie Underwood “Low on Faith & Gasoline”…. So I re-read the “faith questions” and my answers…the same, perhaps higher….The 2nd highest, Discernment/Distinguishing Spirits and the 3rd Mercy/Compassion

So, I will not lie, I went searching on the internet for these gifts.

I honestly struggle with faith daily, so I really wanted to find out a bit more about it. Mark Driscoll defined the spiritual gift of faith as “The gift of faith is the ability to envision what needs to be done and to trust God to accomplish it even though it seems impossible to most people.” Another website GotQuestions.Org states it is “exhibited by one with a strong and unshakeable confidence in God, His Word, and His promises.”…. (so I am shaking my head here…)

I struggle daily with my faith in God and some days are better than others….Then I am reminded, yes even though I push him away at times, God gives me a memory….In 2004 (I think) my significant other had a hole in his intestine, yup the doctor allowed him to eat too soon, and one of his diverticula’s that was infected burst (deadly situation, toxins leaking constantly into the body). A month later he had surgery to remove 18” of his intestine, and at least a few months recovery. During that whole time, there was no doubt in my mind that it would all work out. At one point in many conversations I remember my significant other asking me “How are you so sure things will be fine…” I said “Because God has plans for us, we just need to listen.” He listened, and didn’t doubt my faith….Despite his low faith…he never doubts or questions mine.

So I move on to discernment. Mark Driscoll says this one is “the ability to quickly perceive whether such thing as people, events, or beliefs are from God or Satan. People with the gift of discernment know that Satan and his demons disguise themselves as holy.” Gotquestions.org say that it is “the ability to distinguish between the truth of the Scriptures and erroneous and deceptive doctrines propagated by demons.” This one I feel more “at ease” to believe….May be God Given, may be logical….but there are just times one knows or should know that its either God or Satan….

The last one…Mercy/Compassion…Mark Driscoll says “the gift of mercy is the capacity to feel and express unusual compassion and sympathy for those in difficult or crisis situations and provide them with the necessary help and support to see them through tough times.” GotQuestions.org say’s this one “means to be led by God to be compassionate in our attitudes, words and actions. It is more than feeling sympathy towards someone; it is love enacted.” This one I look to God and ask “Really?” My kids will tell you can I have an attitude….I know my words, and my actions at times speech anything BUT compassion, “Really, God, Really? Am I missing something there?” So I scroll down on Mark Driscoll’s page and read that people with the gift of mercy “have the ability to “walk in another’s shoes” and to feel the pain and burdens they carry. They desire to make a difference in the lives of hurting people without being judgmental.”….So I understand.

I am surprised at my top 3 gifts, and honestly am not sure why or how God intends to use these in me…..

The bottom of my list which did not surprise me…..

The Lowest…leadership, #14! Not surprised J

Prophet/Prophecy – #13

Evangelism/Evangelist – #12

Me, in a leadership role, as the prophesizing evangelist! HaHa.