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I have to say today, I continued with self doubt and the pity party. Tired, feeling overwhelmed, too much things to do and too little time….Why yes I even felt as it my ego has taken a hit.

Yet hours later, I got a warm welcoming letter for girl scouts. This year I will be a leader of a girl scout troop and the troop is going to be at a school near a bad area…I got over my pity party and I am rather excited to start a troop J.

I also got text messages from my best friend in Texas. Once again she was having problems with her accounting software…I got over my doubt, and I got over my ego! Reminded me that I can help and God has me on the right path…

Now as the days go by, and prayers continue, I must decide if I want to continue to help the lady in Lake Ridge. The last talk with her has me wondering if this is a good work fit. This is a difficult decision because I can learn so much from her, yet at the same time, I am losing money if I drive there and she’s not there or I have to wait. Though only a subcontractor, I actually expect a bit more…..