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Some people call it luck (good or bad) and some call it nature. There are just times when it is simply the work of God…a miracle

In 2002- 2003 my significant other suffered with diverticulitis, which is when pockets inside the intestines becomes inflamed and infected. This requires strong pain medicine, strong antibiotics, a liquid diet for a few days and a stay in the hospital for a couple days. It’s a painful condition. After going through this a couple times, he once again went back to the hospital for yet another infection. This time around they let him eat solids within 24 hours and he was back home in a couple of days. Before the end of the week, he was in severe pain and had a high fever and was taken back to the hospital. Around 3am we were told that one of his pockets had burst, he had a hole in his intestine (perforated bowel). They immediately put him on stronger IV antibiotics and kept him in the hospital. For 4 weeks he was home on 2 strong IV antibiotics to fight two different infections. One antibiotic he took every 6 hours and the other one every 12 hours. A month later he had surgery to remove the bad section of his intestines (18inches). In one of our many talks he talked about being worried about me, the kids, money, etc. It was during one of these times that faith decided to show up again and just said “Things will be just fine, there is no need to worry about it.” Of course he responded “How do you know?” Faith responded “Because I know we will be fine, God will take care of us.” Once again my faith would return back into the dark closet….

I do not know how or why, but deep inside I knew things would be fine and I knew he would be OK. I also look back and realize that ignorance was truly bliss. I had no idea just how deadly this really was. Had he or I waited just a few more hours before taking him to the hospital, things would be sadly different. A few years later a mom of one of my girl scouts passed away from this same thing. Recently found out another young man, the significant others cousin, had passed away from the same thing. It was then…..about 9 years later that God reminded me of the miracle.

A few years later my significant other had a really weird pain in his chest. Coming from a family where the males have heart problems young, he took himself to the hospital to be checked out. After test were taken, they found out that he had an artery in his heart that was 90% blocked….Yeah, they call that the widow maker. So they put in a stint, scrapped off some plague in his arteries and gave him medicine. Once again during our talks, faith would pop in. This time, he felt that God had cursed him, had punished him, and was out to get him. Faith piped in saying “God does not work that way. God saved you, he got you to the hospital before you had a massive heart attack.” God gave us another miracle that we would be thankful for.

The last miracle affected many people. About a year or so ago my sister in laws mom was found passed out and unresponsive. They rushed her to the hospital where she remained unresponsive. After tests were done they found out that she had a brain aneurism. The doctors said she probably would not make. Prayers were said constantly. As time passed, they found she had 5 aneurisms (a couple they would repair later). The doctors said that if survived she would probably be a veggie for the rest of her life. As time continued to pass by, she proved them all wrong. She had survived with minimal damage. She is truly a miracle. When she survived, we all took notice. The power of prayer, it was amazing. It still is amazing. God got our attention.

Though I had “faith” buried deep inside, when my sister-in-laws mom survived God’s miracle, I noticed God again. Please forgive my language, but I honestly was like “Holy Shit”. I could rationalize a lot of things away. Like the man knew his body well enough to seek help asap, but no one survives an aneurism in the brain…there was simply to rationalizing her brain aneurism…

I do not know if I will ever get the chance to know of this type of miracle again, but I do know God got my attention…..

I am not there yet, where God needs me to be….

But each trial faced, I am one step closer…..