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I can say the first time around as a “wife”, I was not a good one. I was insecure about myself, and doubted my then husband. He had given me amble reason to doubt and mistrust him. Regardless, I was anything but the “Good Wife”. I would tell my ex-husband NUMEROUS times that “my dad was my boss until I was 18 and after that, the only boss I have is God. You are not my boss!” Yea not the typical, Christian wife….

I do not like bosses. I have argued and literally have gone toe to toe with 3 male bosses in the past 4 jobs….Yeah that’s a great track record if you are going for the arguing prize! Yes I have been known to be argumentative…

Over 7 months ago I asked God to “Unsettle Me”, a simple 2 word prayer request I had heard from Lysa TerKerurst. You see I knew that God needed to clean out the skeletons in my closet so to speak….

One area has been this issue within myself where I simply do NOT like to be bossed. I do NOT want to be told what I can or cannot do….I won’t lie, that is exactly my thoughts less than a year ago, and still have moments… Yet over the months God has made changes….has made ME, yes ME LISTEN and BE BOSSED! I worked temporarily for a man who one minute I would do accounting stuff and the next minute I would be throwing away trash as he was going through mail and the next minute I could be straighten up the storage room. Yes me, listening….HA

Months continue to pass and God continues to prune me. I have been in a bible study group – Proverbs 31 Woman One Virtue at a Time. I have been part of groups, read bible verses, and read books, and they all seem to point more to servitude, submissive heart….Do you realize how so not me that is??? Do you realize how much calmer and stress free my life has been??? Is God talking to me…of course he is. He knows me well (hardheaded) And as usual like a typical child he has to tell me over and over and over….

Yes God, it is sinking in J

Ok yes, I still have my moments…moments where I vent to God, and quite frankly I know God is shaking his head at me…just wondering when I will simply get it! Yet he continues to remain patient, faithful and constantly showing mercy….