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Right before I started my walk last even, I was reminded of one part of the sermon, even when you are alone, you aren’t, Jesus is with you…So as I started my 80’s music the 1st song….White Snake “Here I go again on my own”…..

I have alwaysed felt like a misfit, you know one of those toys on the Island of Misfits, and in a sense relating to them. Not sure where I belong or fit in and honestly I have never been too concerned about it. Whether it is band with the kids, or boys scouts or girl scouts or youth group, I am truly one who feels so out of place and not sure why…My family tells me I belong, and even the man tells me I have place (here of course) but its outside of these walls where I seem out of place…

Perhaps not liking people or not liking crowds is part of it, or perhaps feeling out of place makes me not like people or crowds….

Yet either way, between the sermon, and even an 80’s song, I realize I am not alone and I am God’s misfit. It dawns on me, regardless of my faults, my weaknesses, my sins, my hardheadedness, I realize I have a place….