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You know what I like about this time of year? I like the smells (pine, cinnamon), the songs, the Birth of Christ, dinner with the family.

Christmas is a holiday that is commercialized… The commercialization of this holiday that makes me want to withdrawal into my home and hibernate until January 2nd.

Christmas is loud, its obnoxious. Its filled with people over spending to outdo each other. It has parents buying their kids things to keep up with the Joneses, but cry poor all year round. Its overrun with people having to buy the biggest and the best not because they need it, but because they simply want to one up another.

Christmas needs to be quiet and humble. People need to remember the reason for the celebration. Instead of maintaining the status quo, they need to take that money and let a family have a great Christmas…

We need to be the silent Santa’s, giving to those who do not have…Letting a child experience Santa for real. We need to get over self and simply think of the needs of others….

How amazing would it be to drop gifts off in the middle of the night to a home in need?
How amazing would it be to have a place where families could have a real Christmas dinner with gifts?