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Matthew 5:4-5(ESV) “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Hearing the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings in CT, truly breaks my heart. As a mom I can not even begin to understand the heartbreak and pain the families are going through that have lost their child. My heart hurts and breaks for the families of the surviving kids. All of the kids at this school are babies in this world.

My heart, and prayers go out to all in the school that day. I can only pray that God will take away the imagines they have seen, and the sounds they heard.

Evil walks this earth, but there is  loving Father who is with us as well. We cannot let evil top our thoughts…Love, goodness and God need to be at the top of our thoughts and in our constant prayers….

Though my heart is filled with sadness for all of these family I find comfort in knowing these precious babies that were taken far too soon are now in heaven where they are finally safe from evil and harm. They are now in peace.

They are Angels…