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For the past week I have been getting over yet another nasty cold, so I haven’t really been listening to God. Thankfully today I am feeling much better! With that being said, I resumed thinking about my word, less and my phrase, let it go. I am learning to live with less negative thoughts and insecurities. My own ego, nothing more than my insecurities…..

Today my ego puffed up a bit today, thinking about a coworkers actions, thinking I would have let others know this and I would have done it myself. Thinking it is simple respect to let others know what to expect and to always take the extra step….Yes I was getting puffed up over a coworker (again). So I heard:

You remember to always tell others everything they need to know? You never forget? You always go the extra mile?

OUCH! God reminded me that I have done the exact same thing way too many times…Forgetting to tell others all that they need to know and I won’t always go the extra mile. Currently I am very forgetful, and if I do not write it down, well its gone! That has bitten me quite a bit!! In previous jobs I would also carry the mentality, if I was irritated with a person; I simply wasn’t going to do the work or the extra work. Yes not the best type of person…Then I heard:

Have less ego and be more humble!

As the day progress, God showed me another unflattering side of myself. That side of me where I know what I am doing, and do not need anyone’s advice or help…I seen that in the coworker today and thought I would have allowed others (with more knowledge) to help instead of moving forward. Yet I realized that I am the same way. If I think I know something, right or wrong, I am doing it my way and I simply do not want others opinions or help….God reminded me:

Have less ego and be more humble!

So as I moved to the end of the day, I thought more humbly instead of placing myself above/better than others. It dawned on me at the end of the work day, this coworker is a bit like me. As I huff and puff about her nere-do-wrongs, I am actually getting a view of how I act! OUCH!

Quite frankly not a view I wanted to have, but a view I needed to see.