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A new online bible study has begun again with Good Morning Girls. I have had a Facebook Group for the past 2 bible studies with them, posting the bible verses daily. The last Bible Study was quiet and very little posting. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to host another quiet group.

I waited until the last minute, not even letting others know of the group. Then this past weekend reading through my emails, I found my answer….GMG Leadership Group on Facebook. Its full of pictures to use daily/weekly. Documents, and even ideas on how to get others involved. Also others leaders share thoughts and ideas.  I found something I didnt even know I really needed! So I actually got excited to start a new bible study.

This new one has my interest – Living Like Jesus Luke 1-8.

So actually leading this bible study, me stepping up and leading, has me a bit scared and nervous. Supporting and helping from the sidelines has always been my way.  Its so easy!!! Yet this time, something changed, something clicked and I realize leading a group online can only help me grow and learn. I am stepping outside my comfort zone.

Plus, its always easier to be less shy online…..

And I think of the Brad Paisley Song “I’m so much cooler online”