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Let it go….the week is over, listening to arguing, now in the past, the feeling of being unappreciated tossed aside, the need to question God as to “what is the point..” has been let go….realizing that understanding the thoughts & motives & judgmental attitudes & gossiping of people is only something God knows and understand….His understanding, His reasoning far exceeds my ability to understand, and I know I just have to hand it right on over to Him, because the longer I hold onto it, and ponder, the more likely I am to become angry and bitter at others.

So after a day of nothing remarkable…a walk and listening to some Christian Rock Music, I’ve realized, I just have to let it go. The unappreciated feeling may take a prayer or two and a release to God’s capable hands….

This week just ended with everything just coming together…resulting in the perfect storm, leaving me a grouchy person….