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When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I did some praying and talking to God. Rather interesting because during that time I was farther from God, and each day I pushed him farther away. However, when I think of answered prayers…this is where I begin!

When I was about 16-17 weeks pregnant I had the AFP test done. “An AFP blood test (also known as a ‘maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein’ or ‘MSAFP’) is used to assess the likelihood that a pregnant woman’s baby will have a ‘neural tube defect’ (or NTD).” This test can detect spina bifida, and anencephaly. If the number is low you child could #1 – Have downs or #2 Have  later due date. If the number is high #1 Could have spina bifida, #2 Could have multiple babies or #3 Earlier due date.

I took the test and my number was low, there was a chance the baby would have downs….At 24 that’s a whammy. I remember crying, talking and praying to God. The doctor asked if I wanted an Amniocentesis to see for sure if the baby would have downs…I remember saying “No, it didnt matter because we would keep the baby.” From that moment on, it was in God’s hands.

Fast forward, as I near the end of the pregnancy I pray over and over to have this kid natural. (First was a c-section). This baby was breach. So I prayed and did natural exercises to get the baby to turn….She turned 3 times about a week before I had her. I was excited, and tried for hours to have her natural…no luck. After about 2 hours of pushing, with each push, her heart rate would drop, so it was another C-section. I remember being in tears, wondering why I couldn’t have a child “natural”. God didn’t answer my prayer…He gave me a daughter, without downs, and without any type of injury. You see, when she turned 3 times prior to delivery, she had wrapped the cord around her neck 3 times. So each time I pushed, she was being choked….

I will not lie. I was still upset and felt less of a woman (I couldn’t have a child natural). I felt God ignored my prayer……But God forever faithful, even when I doubted and pushed him away, answered my prayers….

20 months after have my 2nd baby C-Section and after failed contraception, I had a child natural. Now God’s definition of natural and mine differ a bit…Natural for me is having epidural. When the pushing time arrived, epidural wore off, and it was natural, pain and all….After about 2 painful hours later, a cord wrapped 2 times around her neck, God had answered my prayer, in His time and His way. He let me have a healthy child natural….However child #4 was a C-section.

Having 2 C-sections and then having #3 natural is fairly uncommon. It is very dangerous for the mom and potentially the baby. Looking back, my answered prayer came with God not only answering my prayers but  God was with both of us throughout my pregnancy and throughout the birth. That is my Holy Crap moment!

Even when I doubt, even  when I question, these 2 kiddos always seem to remind me of answered prayers…