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Why does is seem that when you are trying to listen to God life gets noisy? If feels like trying to read a book at a Rock Concert. It is difficult to do. My life got noisy, well, my thoughts got negative, I became wrapped up in myself and my own negative thoughts became louder than Gods words. Its so easy to go down the road of thinking badly of yourself.

Throughout the day yesterday, I got stuck in the rut of reminding myself of a recent mistake I had made. This of course lead me down the road of, not good enough, and I am more of a problem instead of a help. Then its all down hill from there. God tries to talk, reassure you, and you give into the self-pity party.

I went to bed praying for help and woke up with the intent immersing myself in some bible verses. I then read an email,  reminding me just how Satan likes to attack. Trying to bring you down, throwing past mistakes in your face, reminding you of failures you have made….It is so easy to fall into that trap.

For now I am refreshed again, God has restored my soul and refilled my strength.