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I do not believe that I have even “officially” been taught how to pray “the correct” way. In all honesty I have never even thought about it. (Yes, God is shaking his head at me right now…)

Perhaps I am off my rocker, but for years now I simply talked to God. He has heard my good, my bad, and my downright ugly. By ugly I mean my judgmental nature. He has heard the happy, the sad, the fears and the worries. He has also heard my prayer of relief when a prayer has been answered in the nick of time.

God for a long time didn’t hear my simple thank you or even a praise. I have been so quick to ask, complain, and get angry, but never took the time to simply praise & thank Him.

Lately, as I have relied more on him (still expressing my worries & fears), I have begun to simply praise Him & thank Him. I am learning to seek Him first and continue to pray for his guidance.

My view and my thoughts are a changing….