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I just started reading a new book which is interesting because between working, school, kids, house, etc., I rarely find the time to actually read. I’m reading “Becoming More than A Good Bible Study Girl” written by Lysa Terkeurst.

I am halfway through this book and I just finished the Chapter “But I want what she has.” Though I have moved onto the next chapter, this has stuck in my head….

Honestly I am not one of those who has to keep up with Joneses. When I buy something, people have already moved onto the better one. There are times where I want or wish I had this or had that. We are all human, there are times when we are just going to want what some else has. It may be the house, the well behaved kids,or the latest fashion.  

This chapter, Lysa said “Not equipped to handle what they have -good and bad.” She would say throughout the chapter. (probably why I stuck in my head) I really love the phrase. It is one you really need to sit and ponder. 

God knows our past, he knows our future. God knows our good and our bad!! He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He even knows the ugly and dark secrets. Yet God gives us what we can handle – good and bad. 

Think about that next time you are wanting what someone else has or the life they have. God knows you are “not equipped to handle what they have – good and bad.”

Just a thought….