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It was mid-week when I realized it seemed as if once again life was too noisy, too much static and I couldn’t hear or feel God near. I don’t like it at all. When it really sunk in that I had allowed the static, the noise, money, & life to push God away, I felt like a child who had lost the hand of his parent. 

In the past few months I have gone to God with everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, the struggle, the sins, the praise and even thanking him. There was a closeness there. Yet, I was a bit selfish, and a bit conceited. My prayers, though for others, were for my motives, my plans, my desires.

God knew. He knew what I needed to hear. Between verses, devotions, and reading in the past couple of days, it finally hit me, though I am praying with good intentions, I am praying for my plans. Not God’s plans, but what I want..where I want to help out(Girl Scouts), what test I want to take for my business, my business, and even myself, give me direction, give me focus.

Me…Me….Me….Yup Satan was prowling around.

So after spending time with God, the static, the noise, began to fade. The me prayers now God prayers. God has a path for me, and as long as I continue to pray for me, me, me, I will not see His path and I will not hear him…

Jesus take the wheel…..