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It seems we are so consumed about what others think and feel about us. (Insecurities) We let their judgments and their opinions sink in (way more than they should) We get wrapped up in daily life and simply being human that we forget that our priority is God…loving God, pleasing God, and doing God’s will.

Judgment, free advice, opinions are simply that….judgment, advice and opinions. Opinions is defined as “a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty…a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.” Until someone has trekked the proverbial “mile in your shoes” then they have no idea, no clue…only opinions…

I have to confess….I have let the judgments roll out of my head, my mouth, and have let opinions fly! I have taken personality test where i score rather high (almost 100%) in the judgment area….Not a flattering or beautiful trait!

Interestingly, I have also been bothered about what others thought of me and my skills (work, being a mom, etc). Others opinions & thoughts about me have hindered me, making me less likely to live fully so to speak. Finally it dawned on me after REALLY listening to what they said, that, well… they honestly have no clue.(unless they lurk in the shadows 24/7, which would be creepy)!

So here I am, with the thought…Does it matter? Does it really matter what others think of you? Are you allowing their judgments, their advice, their opinions to hold you back from something great? In the end, all that matters is who you really are as God’s child.