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Each morning I drop my son off at elementary school. Each morning there is a line of cars. We sit, we wait, and move up when cars leave. We drop off kids and leave. Pretty simple. Pretty clear. You would think common courtesy would prevail….

Most days things run smoothly…I can drop and run. Not sure what all was going on today. We are sitting in line, waiting. As cars pull up, we all start to move forward and a car darts up and pulls in front of the Minnieland Bus. Mind you the bus is moving!! We are all moving! I guess for whatever reason they had to drop quickly, or felt they didn’t have to wait in line….common courtesy.

I leave and  think about it. I thought it was kind of rude…Then, I was reminded. “So the last will be first, and the first last.” Matthew 20:16

With that thought, that reminder…I let it go.

We move through life so quickly. Darting in and out of moments. Darting in and out with our time with God. Just trying to be their 1st, or done 1st…

Its ok to be last…its ok to savor the moments…its ok to stop and smell the roses..