One of my devotions today talked about “The Other Path” It opened with: “Many of the characteristics of those on the wrong path involve the misuse of finances; self-love, love of money, ingratitude, lack of self-control, lack of love for what is good and love of pleasure (instead of love of God and his pleasures).” What are you allowing to come before God? Food? Money? Self- Centeredness? Porn? Ungrateful heart? Negativity? The past? The list can go on and on…

So the questions were asked:

What goals are you pursuing; by looking at your lifestyle, what would someone deduce is your greatest love; and how might you protect yourself from folly?

WOW! Looking into my life right now, you would probably see that I am overly focused on food. I love to eat (perhaps a bit much) and up until recently, spending money. 

So what is your greatest love? What is stepping in front of God?