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Slow Down

A few years ago Roy Rogers (Fast Food Restaurant) had an ad out singing “Each one is someone different with their own way to go. Slow Down, hear what each one is saying. Slow down… Roy Rogers says slow down.” Ok perhaps it was more than a few years ago…(28 yrs ago)

It’s interesting how fast people tend to move in the mornings, whether on the road, or at the metro station. They are in a rush to get somewhere and honestly they aren’t looking to thrilled about it!

Where ever you go in the morning here on North Virginia before 9am, you are going to sit it traffic somewhere. Its a given. As I was sitting in traffic last week I had a tailgater that not only was right on my bumper, but used the horn when I did not advance through the intersection to move a mere 20 some feet and to just sit there and wait. Lets all speed up to stop in 10 feet….yeah doesn’t make sense to me. Perhaps the driver was running late, or the traffic was a bit more annoying this am and they had had enough. Who knows…Slow down, and just….wait….

A few days later I took the subway and seen yet another perspective of people. Not only do them move quickly, but keep to themselves. I would be in that last group. Most people are sitting next to strangers, engrossed in the paper, ipads, cell phones, grading papers, etc, all the while making sure they do not make eye contact. I will admit for the first 15 minutes of my ride into  DC I read from my phone. Then the last 15 minutes, and the entire ride home I simply looked around at people, wondering their lot in life…if they were happy or sad…going through hard times, or living on easy street… For a moment I did entertain thoughts of how interesting it would be for people to be conversing with a stranger or the entire metro car breaking out in song. Just imagine being on the metro when people start singing “Hey Macerena” or even “Summer Lovin” both would be equally amusing to watch!! 

This world seems to be quite fast paced. I think we all just need to slow down. Slow down to talk to people, actually hear people and get to know people. Could you imagine how the day would go if everyone reached out to at least 1 stranger in a positive way??

Each day we know what we have to do. Like it or hate it, its our daily grind. So despite the good or the bad, tackle each day looking for the positive.