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Ever have one of those of weeks where you think you have something you want to blog or talk about, yet each time it seems you just can’t really get focused enough? Or it sounds better in your head? Yup I seem to be there. I have 2 thoughts that keep rolling around in my mind. Well honestly there is a bit more up there rattling around, but 2 on the main forefront. A reduction in our small church and the Jehovah Witnesses.

Both subjects I could blab on and on about, letting my judgments role freely. Yet, I believe this is why I haven’t been able to blog or focus on a blog to post. Judgments are simply not needed here. Plus God has made me so much more cognizant of my judgmental thoughts and has been working on me there.

My word or rather my phrase for 2013 continues to be forefront in my life. It just seems to “fit” and makes me realize, sometimes, despite how hard it may be, you just have to “let it go”. “Let it go” –let go of the past. The past hurts, the past failures, the past negativities, the past assumptions…… When we let go, then we allow God to come in and shine!! Last week I found out a family from our small church decided to “move on”. Literally 4 people hit us hard….1/4 of our church reduced. Initial it didn’t bother me because I know God has a plan here at this church. A week later, it still doesn’t bother me. I still feel God is in control, and leading us.

Let it go fits again as I thought over and over about my interaction with some Jehovah Witnesses. (3rd time in the past months). They are ready with bible verses for their beliefs. In the past I have blogged about my struggled with both my faith and my belief. I realized though I have faith, have my belief, I could not quote Bible Verses as to why I believe what I believe. It dawns on me, in order for me to be more effective as a witness/evangelize to other, I need to really know WHY I believe what I believe, or at least be able to read bible verses as to why. I know it sounds weird that I have no set verse to spout out on why I believe, but I don’t. Through the good, the bad and the hard times, I have just known God is there and always will be.

The past(good & bad) makes us who we are, yet we have to let it go…The longer we hold on to the past hurts, the past problems, etc, the longer we keep God pushed away.

The next time you think of a negative thing in the past, ask yourself why you have brought it to your future. Remember God is always in control so simply let go and let God!!