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What Provokes You?

Day 3

What Provokes You? What an interesting question. What causes you to eat what you eat – when you eat it?

Most of us know what our “triggers” are when it comes to eating. I was a smoker for almost 18 years. I would smoke when I was bored, hungry, upset, before going to bed, driving in the car, and any other time. Honestly nothing helps hunger or boredom like a cigarette. Nothing calms the nerves like a cigarette. Well when I quite in August 2007, it seems food replaced my cigarettes. I now eat when I am bored or tired. I will grab those comfort foods when it seems there are not enough hours in the day. Much like smoking a cigarette, I will pick up the bad food just because it is there and I want it.  

So, like Joyce said, we need to figure out what provokes the habit and understand it. Then we can work towards avoiding the triggers and eventually removing the bad habit.  

Boredom and being tired still gets me, my triggers. Once in a while at bed time I will grab something to eat.

Figure out why, and then take the steps to avoid the trigger and then replace it with a healthy habit.  

Are you a bored eater? What can you do to remove the boredom?

Are you an emotional eater? Find time to pray to God first, before diving into the food. Then seek a friend to talk to.

Dear Abba,

I want to thank you for all that you continue to do for each of us and to thank you for always being there for us. Father I pray that you will open our eyes to help us to eliminate the triggers that cause us to make the wrong choices when it comes to food. I pray that you will continue to give us strength and direction as we chip away at our bad habits, replace our triggers, our bad habits with healthy ones that glorify you. Thank you for your never-ending love.