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Really who is your nemesis? A nemesis is defined as “a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent” Perhaps nemesis isn’t the word you would use. How about that negative and/or nasty person. A boss, a spouse, an ex, a child, a teacher, etc.

David, in the Bible, had a foe, a nemesis named Saul. Saul wanted him dead. Now hopefully none of us have that type of foe!! However, though we may have a foe, there is also that one person – that friend, that person who is there. David had Jonathan, that one friend, that one loyal friend. Jonathan protected him from his dad, Saul.

Do you have that one person? During my first marriage, I had a good friend. She lived with my then brother-in-law (my ex-husband’s twin). We both understood the living with verbal abuse. Where I had to deal with the porn addiction, she had to deal with some physical abuse. We were there for each other, we listened to one another, we understood, and we stuck together. We consoled each other and eventually we supported each other in moving on.

Even though you may think you are alone and do not have that type of friend, that person, you do! You have an avenger, a protector… Jesus