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Leanne started us out telling us that we need to be in the habit of being decisive which can help us to overcome that bad habit of procrastination. She even gave us the Five-Step Decision Making Process which should make it easier for us but sometimes we are still indecisive. Melanie went on to share with us the misery of being indecisive, yet Kara showed us how easy it was to lay choices out before us, and choose!

So here we are, the decisions are still hard to make. I have to be honest…I am a Libra, and I am truly a middle of the road, it doesn’t matter, whatever you want, kind of Girl. Yet when it comes to those hard, tough decisions, I will seek opinions of others, read about it, and then make a decisions….

So what if you still cannot make that decision. You are indecisive, or worse you will just wait hoping that perhaps the right choice will appear. When it comes to eating and exercising, sometimes we have to simply start small…one little small choice. I like how Joyce gives us an example of joining a committee for a month to decide if it’s something you want to do for a year. It’s the same with eating, and even exercising. I love to walk and I have even tried jogging a time or two. By trying out jogging a few times, I realized that even though I felt great afterwards (mentally), my knees did not appreciate my exercise of choice.

How can you start small? Walk a block, run to your mail box or do 10 jumping jacks. There are so many ways to start small to see if you like that exercise. You can do the same thing with food. You have to try some different things to see what works best for you.


Dear Father,

I want to thank you for being our father that is loving and forgiving. I pray that you give us the wisdom to make even the smallest of decisions and help us to learn to me more decisive. Abba I pray that you continue to open our hearts allowing us to seek you with each choice that we must make, no matter how small or insignificant. Father I also ask that you continue to give us the love and strength we need each day.