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Today was the first day in over 20 days that I did not have to be up early for something. Been a busy few weeks, between work, camping, church, and graduations, by the time 8am rolled around I was already up and moving and still going in the evenings until about 10pm!! I didn’t realize how much I missed the leisure of getting up without an alarm clock and the simply sitting at home in the evenings….

This totally explains why it seems like I have been running in place and getting nowhere! My focus, my closeness to God, both seemed to have drifted a bit. It was so easy to loose focus and put God on the back burner when life picks us speed.…

A few big steps have also taken place…Child #2 has graduated from high school, and Child #4, the baby, has graduated from 5th grade (elementary school) and in a few months our house will go from 3 kiddos to 2! Having child #2 visiting child #1 for the past 3 days, I have realized that it is going to be so different with only 2 kids at home!! Going from 4 kids at home to 3 kids wasn’t much of a difference, but going from 3 kids to 2 kids, is quite a different…

Time to refocus, time to regain my closeness with God.