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Its been quite a while since I planted my garden. OK its been a few months!! Between rain, work, things to do almost EVERY weekend, I finally made my way out to the garden to both clean out the weeds, and to see what was growing. To our amazement, we had 2 peppers, not sure if they are hot or not, and either a zucchini or a cucumber. Yes I probably should have written down what I planted and where..

As I am cleaning out the garden I think of just how much work this is, how much de-weeding is involved. It is physically tiring….

I think of God and Us! God is de-weeding us. He is trying to take out the weeds, the things that are not good for us, so we can flourish and grow much like our vegetables.

Pruning, cleaning out the weeds, is difficult and when it comes to cleaning out the dark areas of our lives, it is neither easy or pleasant. In a garden we do not know where the weed will pop up, but once it breaks through the ground, we can see it, and then remove it. God does the same, He brings our sins, our bad to light so that we can see it, give it to God, and remove it! 

What is God bringing to light that he wants you to let go of??