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The Benefits of Hurrying


Are there really any benefits of hurrying? Personally I cannot think of one benefit of hurrying to get things done nor could Joyce in this chapter.

God has been working with me on this “hurry habit” for almost a year now. Probably in the last 6 months He has pointed out some areas where I seemed to always been in a hurry. My hurry habit has caused me to rush though work, and has caused some pretty big and pretty stupid mistakes.

So we add to our schedule, then we hurry to get more and more accomplished, and it’s never ending. We do more and more, and have less time with our significant others, our kids, grandkids, our families. We lose precious memories, precious time when we become occupied with hurrying up. We gain irritation, we become impatient… 

Slow down and just simply be. Slow down and just enjoy the moments.


Thank you for being our loving forgiving father. Lord I pray that you will open our eyes and our hearts. Teach us to simply slow down, and enjoy the moments.