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Last week I just kept singing the verse, “You give and take away”. I was worried about my status with a client after I received an email. Yet, as I started to go down that “oh my god, I can’t lose this client” road, I kept hearing the song specifically, “you give and take away” and kept hearing,” the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh”. I said “OK Lord, you’ve got this, I will not worry about it.”

I found out later that evening I had missed an email a week prior explaining that a client was stepping away from his business for the time being. The rest of the day I just singing “you give and take away.”

As I am trying to build my business, losing a client is not something I want to happen, especially the first client. Since giving my business back to God, I have not regretted one minute of that choice. This time is no different. Two potential clients being added… God is better than any advertising and marketing I could do!

God has provided clients, but I have had to take a step of faith. Ok more like a leap of faith. God knows my skills, knows what I can do, and what I can do with Him. I on the other hand am still building my own confidence. So God has pushed me, told me to move, to jump and for the past few months I have literally taken jumps of faith.

Let me tell you, leaps of faith are scary, and I know there are more things, other things He wants me to do….

One leap of faith at a time….One leap of faith at a time….