I really do not like to exercise at all, but have decided to set short term exercise goals. For years I have battled with weight, or rather I have battled with insecurities and these insecurities tell me I have to have the toned defined body and the flat stomach. Yeah as a 40+ year old with 4 kids and one that comes from a line of women who have pouches, I don’t think I will ever have the flat stomach, and honestly its no longer a goal!! (It was a bit unrealistic – no woman has a flat stomach!)

Over 16 years ago I tried the exercising routine, and it never stuck. Then I went many years as a smoker, able to maintain a decent weight. I never worried about what I ate or drank or even my weight. Yet once I quit smoking, hit the big 4-0…weight and food seem to be a constant nagging in my head…Like other areas of my life, I have decided to give this one to God as well. Let it go…my phrase for the year, seems to fit in here as well…

So, I have completed 1 exercising goal (20 days), and realized that I can do this. I also realized the negativity, the self-doubt was not from God. So I have had to re-focus on what is true. God’s not telling me I cannot do it! So with that, letting go of the negativity, the self-doubt, I have made a monthly exercise goal. Yup taking it one month at a time….actually one day at a time.