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My life seems to be a little out of sync and a bit off track. Seems as if things are just…..a bit skewed! On my way home this afternoon I scanned through the radio station. Not really sure what I wanted to listen too. Nothing was appealing…rock, country, Christian rock, classical…nothing! Looking back I probably just needed some good old “80’s Hair Band Music” or maybe some “Kingston Trio” to take me back to a time when I didn’t have to worry about money, work, kids, adult kids….!

I ended up listening to a preacher, which mind you is a bit odd in the middle of a Monday afternoon. As it scanned through it stopped on a man preaching. So what caught my attention, he was talking about being at a doctor for being sick. After being checked out, the doctor prescribed him an antibiotic telling him to take it, and take it all, no questions asked. The doctor was telling him what to do, and what was best for him. It didn’t matter if it inconvenienced him, it was what was best for him. The preacher didn’t object but did what he was told. His story then moved on to explain how God is our doctor, and he is doing what is best for us…it may inconvenience us at time, but in the end it is what is best. Something so simplistic, yet just so difficult!

I am not good with change nor am I any good with things being off kilter. I like consistency…normalcy…Right now I long for kids to be small and back at school, and an established work week. Yet between one adult child talking marriage, another adult child off to college, a teen daughter who is less than 2 years before she graduates, the baby out of elementary school, and not to mention the never ending saga of never enough money to ever get ahead…it would seem my life is anything but normal. Not a wonder why life feels a bit off kilter!!

So I go one day at a time, praying just a bit more. Slowly letting go and just letting God. Letting go of my pride, letting go of my need to be in control, letting go of old mindsets, letting go of old assumptions and simply letting God. Shutting out that negative little voice and listening for God’s voice and reading God’s words.