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In the past year of running a business, or rather doing freelance bookkeeping/accounting, I have learned some important things…foremost, God is the driver here! I have also learned patience, which at times my patience is quite low…Honestly at times is seems as if my business isn’t growing at the rate I want it to. I was hoping to have a few more clients, and have 1 person helping out. This time last year I had 4 clients and was working with a CPA. This year, I am up to 8 clients…

Yes I have gotten to that point, over a month ago, wondering if I was really on the right path. I need an office…I need an assistant…I need a new laptop and a desktop computer…I need a network for my computers…I need more clients…I need, I need, I need…What I need is to be thankful that I have a work area, that I have clients, and that my laptop works. (Though there are times it can be special)

I know, with the classes that I have taken, it takes longer than a year to begin to be able to accurately evaluate your business. I also know with God, it takes time, patience, and trust. As I grumble and try to take that woe is me, woe is my business, I can’t do this, or it just isn’t working…I remember that I put God in the driver seat. Though my patience at times is thin, I know God’s got this! God also knows be much better than myself, and I have to remember that He is doing things for my good…I also need to remember that He is teaching me, molding me, and creating the person I need to be for Him…