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Yesterday a small prayer was answered, a small blessing. Right now I do not have insurance on me or the girls. A mixture of me wasting money, and an ex that has been sick, unable to work, thus unable to provide insurance on them. Yesterday I took my daughter in for her check-up to see the neurologist at Children’s Hospital. On the way we talked about what kind of doctor she wanted (either young or older). The last one, since gone, was young, really smart, but a bit awkward and didn’t seem to have a bedside manner. Her new neurologist was just what she wanted, an older doctor with a really great bedside manner. Since the first time she was diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizures, she felt comfortable seeing and talking to the doctor. We didn’t even pray for this, yet we asked and we received!

Those who follow my blog, know we are struggling with money. So a doctor visit and a prescription with a nice price was something I thought about. So each time I would begin praying the “Lord I Need…” prayer, I stopped myself and totally rephrased my prayer “Lord you know our needs, doctor visit, medicine, house payment, and I trust in you knowing you will provide.” Each time fears, doubts or worries roll in, I simply pray “Lord you know our needs, doctor visit, medicine, house payment, and I trust in you knowing you will provide.”

So after the visit with the doctor, I waited for our date for a follow up visit as well as the cost for the visit. This is a Neurologist who works for Children’s Hospital. Honestly I am expecting the visit to be a bit costly, so I paid $40 and waited for the final cost…$111. What? That has to be after me paying $40… Nope that was the total price for today’s visit…WOW! Next we moved on to get her prescription. Her generic medication is still hefty, about $2 per pill, which can be a lot of money. The pharmacy had a discount card, so after it was said and done, her pills ended up being $1.15 per pill. Initially her 15 day supply was $149 and I ended up paying $69. Still a chunk of change, but $80 less!!! Yup I was the one walking up the isle looking up silently saying “Thank you God!”

There is always 2 ways to look at things. Yesterday I choose to see what God has provided.