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I love it when I hear a sermon and the message kind of clicks in my brain. I had one of those, “Oh I get it” moments as I listened to a sermon today. Which God is no doubt say “Its about time!” J The sermon, Choose Hope. Simple enough. Choose God and Choose Jesus. When our lives are going well, and things are going the way we think they should, it’s really easy to have faith and choose hope. When life gets a bit rough, and God is refining us, and He is bringing our sins to light so that we can change, it seems our hope begins to fade. We wonder…

As I have blogged before, I am bad with money, and I can easily justify the spending, or keeping all of my money. But a light went off in my brain today – Am I choosing hope? Choosing God? Or am I Choosing Money? Frankly, this is not an easy pill for me to swallow. Right now my worry over money, over bills is causing my faith to waiver.

God’s still working me. This refining process is difficult. God is turning up the heat and removing my impurities. Honestly, I wish all debts were gone, and bills up to date, and we had a clean slate. Yet I truly know that God’s not done with me yet, and I would probably continue to justify spending money….keeping money…not helping out…

So today I hear “You must die to live” – you must surrender to God! A part of me must die – the part of me that is getting in between God and me.

What is standing between you and God today?