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I have seen a few bloggers that I following talking about the 31 day writing challenge over at www.thenester.com . It started September 30, 2013 and one is supposed to blog every day for 31 day. Oct 1st – Oct 31st. So I figured I would give it a try with 30 days of the Attributes of God. Since we have been going through a rough patch financially, and there have been some spiritual battles, some doubts, and times of being simply low on faith, learning more about God can only be a win situation. What a great way to be a bit more focused and learn more about God, and drawing closer to Him.

The attributes of God can be described as a collection of descriptions from the Bible who tells us who God is. So as we read the 30 attributes, we need to remember these are attributes are more of a perspective on His whole being, his essence, and not simply parts of Him. The attributes I am using are by no means a “complete” list. I am using the list from the Book “Names of God Exploring God’s Character”. I will also be using the ESV version of the Bible.

My goal is to simply dig in the Bible to learn more about God and to share. Hopefully get input and thoughts from other people. I am by no means a scholar in this area, hence the reason I am taking this challenge, to draw closer to God.