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Once again its been awhile since I have blogged…I get side-tracked, busy, and this goes to the bottom of my list and on most days lost in my brain of never-never land…

I have been trying to take classes towards my Masters in Accounting. I actually have a few of them under my belt through Liberty University. However due to my GPA being a 2.8, at Liberty U I was placed on Academic Suspension. I was actually enrolled in a class when I was dropped the first day. I fumed a bit (Over a month) and pushed it to the side, and finally (months later) decided to give Liberty a call. You see during that time while I fumed I had decided to just go back to Strayer U and get a degree in Forensic Accounting. When I talked to Liberty I realized that even though I only had 1 C-, the 2 B-‘s (which are below a 3.0) was enough to bring my GPA down to a 2.8….Nothing like pride to bring you crashing down.

Well for the past 1 ½ months I have been trying to get my transcripts from Liberty U to prove to Staryer U that yes I did graduate with my Accounting Degree and yes I can take graduate classes. The problem here, I am on suspension, and until things get cleared up academically and financially, there will be no official transcripts. Well about a month ago I really thought things got cleared up and they (Strayer) would accept the letter from Liberty, so I continued with the one class I was enrolled in.

For the past month I have prayed off and on about classes and college. I really want to get my Masters in Accounting, but there was always that little nagging in the back of my head…not knowing. Sometimes I just wonder, too much? My family, a business, wanting to blog, having a Girl Scout Brownie Troop and Class.. On Saturday afternoon I realized I was no longer able to access my class. Wasn’t sure what was going on, so I was like OK God, you can have it, my classes, my schooling. So I emailed 2 people at Strayer and just waited. So this am I prayed, well I actually talked to God, and honestly asked “I need a definite answer to school…what I am doing? Taking classes? Not taking classes?” On my way home I thought it odd that I had not received an email. They were always good about responding promptly, so I gave them a call. Well it would seem that yes I had been dropped from my class. My “Letter from Liberty” had not been accepted. I couldn’t prove that I could take graduate classes…And that is that! For the moment my class taking is done. (Though I do have a few grand I now owe…)

Now I have talked, prayed, and asked God things before, and God truly answers prayers in His way and His time. However, I have never had the answer that quick and without a doubt. Well let me be honest, I am a bit hard-headed and will go on my own path. I know God tried to halt me taking classes a few months ago with Liberty, but I didn’t listen. After today, the no doubt answer, all I can think is – and that is that! So a bit hesitant I asked God, “Ok, so what do you have planned?”

Yeah I am at that moment of taking another leap into the unknown!