I begin writing a sentence, only to delete it and try again. All I can think is, I just don’t understand…

There is a girl that has been coming to our girl scout troop meeting almost since the beginning. I was told she is registered with another troop (fa- financial assistance) and her mom is trying to find a troop she likes. Well the mom decided to take her daughter to both.

This evening, another level leader, who is a mom of one of my girl scouts asked if the girl was still coming to our meetings, and I said yes she was. I explained that she is registered, she has a base troop and if she wants to join ours too, she can do that. So then the conversation went a bit further…”the troop is paying for her crafts, ..” I simply said OK and went to where my troop was…

Now I can flip the coin, the 4 other girls paid their dues, and the dues are for crafts, troop expenses, etc, its their money, but they are having to share with 1 girl(who has not paid.) PLUS this girl belongs to another troop! Yet – flipping the coin doesn’t help me to understand. I just want to ask…does it really matter?

I don’t know why this momma wants her daughter to go to two different girl scout troops. I don’t know why the mom of one of my girl scouts wanted to talk to me about this girl attending 2 troops. But what I do know, God’s ways are not for me to understand.