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A year has almost come and gone again…Christmas is literally right around the corner. People hustling to get those last minute gifts, get the food for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day feast, and get presents wrapped…

I have never been a fan of Christmas, its too commercialized, too much of trying to outdo the Joneses, and over spending. Yet for the first time is well over 20 years, Christmas is different this year, much different in my mind and my heart. God’s been working on me….

This year my attitude has changed. This year I have been learning to let go, and learned to have less. This year my kids have seen, and lived with less. My kids have also joined right in making homemade laundry detergent, and shop for cloths at the second hand store…

This Christmas I decided that their would be less gifts, realizing my kids really do not “need” anything! So I let them my kids know, their will not be lots of gifts this year. Their response, all I really want is…Each one has a gift or two they really want that is not expense.

I will get to spend Christmas Eve with my 5 kids (yes, I gained a son 12/14/13 when my daughter got married) Nothing more to ask for this year!

God’s been working on each of us (well most definitely me)

Joy, Peace and Hope…