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The past few days I have been thinking about my word for 2014. Last year I focused on Less, and Letting Go. With each step God has been there telling me where to use less, and what I need to let go of. Even up until a few days ago I heard, Let Go and let God. Letting God has been one of the hardest challenges this year, but the most rewarding. The hardest part? Letting Go and Letting God! So many things I hold onto – past hurts, past let downs, past mistakes…the list can go on and on, but one by one I have been giving them to God. I have learned (over and over) that the past makes us who we are, and if we continue to hold onto it, we cannot grow. Good or bad, we have to accept the past, learn from it, give it to God, and let it go.

So with that I need to find a word/phrase for 2014

The word/phrases I have been thinking about:
Cleansing – cleaning out the mind, body and soul.
Detoxing – taking out the negative & the bad
Renew – Refilling my mind, body and soul with good words, good thoughts, and good nourishment.

I would love to hear about your word/s, phrase for 2013. What you have decided on what your word/s, phrase will be for 2014?