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So I have decided on my word or rather words for 2014 – Cleanse & Renew. I will be cleaning out and detoxing spiritually, mentally & physically allowing me to renew. I was also reminded that cleansing and renewing also fit well into our home, and my work, my company, my family and old bosses. Yes God has pointed out how Cleansing and Renewing will work in all areas of my life! Though I have tried to brush them aside, God is persistent…

Honestly, I am a bit scared of what this will entail for me. I know when God cleans it can be oh so painful, but in the end rewarding.

Spiritually I plan to read through the bible this year, something I have never done before (*gasp* I am a Christ follower that has never read the bible from cover to cover – some chapters here, books there, and verses here and there.) I want to soak up God’s word. So I am following a plan from ESV, and praying I keep up.

Mentally, I began the detoxing, cleaning up process last year of simply letting go and giving it to God. I also began tossing out my own negative thoughts. This is a difficult process but with time, I am beginning to catch those negative thoughts before they try to plant! I also worked on letting go, which is something I will continue to do.

And physically, well, I can say that between smoking for 18 years, and simply just eating a lot, and unhealthy, this too makes we wonder if I am up to that task. I love food, and know I have an addiction. This is an area where I tend to lose the battle and fall back into old patterns, and allowing the “you cant do this” voice to win. So I am working on leaning on God and seeking his strength after all I know I can do all things with Christ, my strength….

I have also decided on a verse for the year. I had written it down about a month ago just to help me try to gain some kind of focus on my eating.

  • 1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything.” – In essence…*Nothing will master me* I have allowed food and negative thoughts dominate my mind for far to long….time to let go!